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03 janeiro


Software Engineer POSITION – São Paulo , Brasil

Multinational company hiring.
Please send Resume in English  to: profissional@quatre.com.br
Your salary  expectation  must be informed and will be considered by the company.

Software Engineer
1、 Communicate with customers and conduct customers’ requirements;
2、 Accomplish application software development based on customers’ requirements;
3、 In charge of software general integration, test and delivery;
4、 Provide supports to customer, partners and factory;
5、 Coordinate resources to solve the problems encountered in software developing process;
6、 Have periodical tasks report;
1. Bachelor degree, over 3years work experience, priority in STB related areas work
2. Proficiency in C and C++, major programming language;
3. Be familiar with embedded operation systems and Linux systems, and be skilled in
  technical problems;
4. Be familiar with STB or Consumer electronics products application design;
5. Strong communication ability in English and Portuguese ( or Spanish );
6. Strong ability to learn, team work spirit;

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Rua Padre Marinho, 37 - 6º. andar
Bairro Santa Efigênia - Belo Horizonte (MG) - Brasil
CEP 30.140-040

(31) 3484-4746