Quatre Recursos Humanos




QUATRE RECURSOS HUMANOS was founded in 1990 and  provides HR services across the whole of Brazil in any industry or sector. We have clients in IT, Logistics, Energy, Mining, Finances, Transport, Services, Telecom, Education, Manufacturing and Production, Chemical Industry, as well as many others.


For more than two decades QUATRE have been supporting national and transnational companies in their demands for Recruitment, Headhunting, Specialised Search Assignments, Talent Acquisition Consultancy, Trainee Programs, Outplacement, Career and Salary Planning, Climate Research and Assessment, Career Mentoring, Performance Evaluation and Coaching – International Coaches certified by ICC – International  Coaching Community.


As a member-owner of NPA Worldwide recruiting network, QUATRE has an international reach on five continents and one of  its     Director, Daniela Vidigal, for 2 years performed as NPA Ambassador for South America and  nominated as Managing Director for    the NPA South America Region up to 2014. Working with an NPA member ensures global reach with timely response,  industry and  occupational knowledge, cultural sensitivity and unparalleled integrity.

 QUATRE is a reliable and dedicated partner in designing solutions for international companies locating their first employee(s) in Brazil or strengthening existing activities in the country, with a deep understanding of local market, regional culture and legal practices, that may differ in a country with wider continental dimensions such as Brazil.


Lead by Organizational Psychologists and Anthropologists, one of QUATRE’s distinguishing features is the outstanding ability to fully understand each client’s unique corporate culture. QUATRE has strong relations with the best universities in Brazil, which enables the firm to track developing talent, which can then be made available to its clients in the future, as well as having a specialised expatriation partnership to support companies hiring non-Brazilian talent.


During the early 90’s Quatre won an international bidding at auction from The World Bank,     and because of  the high quality of its technical proposal, became responsible for a national project for the RFFSA [Federal  Railroad] privatisation process, simultaneously implemented in 19 Brazilian states and involving more than  5,800 positions.





Rua Antônio de Albuquerque, 330 (9º andar)
CEP 30.112-010 | Savassi | Belo Horizonte/MG | Brasil

(31) 3500-7165